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Company terms and conditions for HHR system.


These terms and conditions for HHR ehf., who owns,. (hereinafter the “Terms”) form an integral part of the agreement between the Company and HHR ehf, a company incorporated under the laws of Iceland with its registered seat at Dalsel 25, IS-109, Iceland, Reg. No. 5302201760 (hereinafter “HHR”).

By using any services provided by HHR ehf, the Company declares that it has read, understood and agreed to the Terms in their entirety. No one can use HHR without agreeing to the Terms. The person who agrees on behalf of the Company to the Terms represents that he/she is entitled to agree to the Terms on behalf of the Company and that the Company will adhere to the Terms in their entirety.



1.1. Unless otherwise provided in these Terms, the meaning of the bold words is as follows:

1.1.1. “HHR” is a system that offers Users a simple and modern solution to view and monitor job advertisements, manage their own curriculum vitae and apply for available jobs that are advertised on the HHR website (webpage for Danish market) and offers Companies a solution whereby they can advertise jobs, receive applications from Users, process applications and communicate with Applicants;

1.1.2. “Database” is a collection of any and all content arranged in a systematic or methodical way and individually accessible by electronic or other means, irrespective of the form of its expression, created by HHR, in the meaning of Act no. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended (the “Copyright Act”), especially the Database of job offers and Profiles on HHR;

1.1.3. “Profile” is a User’s profile in HHR system or a Company’s information page in HHR system (on webpage for Denmark), which include all information about the User or the Company based on information provided by the User or the Company on the Social Media Account or registered by the User or the Company;

1.1.4. “Company” is a corporate body or individual employer who advertises jobs on HHR system (on wepage) and receives applications from Applicants. The concept of a Company in the Terms also includes brands according to Article 4 hereof, unless explicitly stated otherwise, brands in this context mean persons who are conducting business enterprise, irrespective whether such persons operate under their own identification number or if they are a business entity with a corporate body;

1.1.5. “Applicant” is a User who has applied for a job through the HHR system;

1.1.6. “User” is any individual who uses the HHR system, irrespective of whether he/she has registered personal information or not; and

1.1.7. “Social Media Account” means any social media account of the User or the Company which the User or the Company used to provide data to their Profile (such as Facebook, Google or other).


2.1. Use of HHR system for the Company consists of creating job advertisements, maintaining information about the Company, managing a job advertisement access system and a job application and processing system, and communicating with the Applicant, or any other interaction with HHR.

2.2. All use of HHR by the Company is limited to common and lawful activities and only for the Company’s recruitment needs. The Company is only permitted to access and use information pertaining to it or applications directed towards the Company. The Company is prohibited to attempt accessing and to use information directed towards other parties.

2.3. The Company is responsible for the lawfulness and correctness of all content added by the Company to HHR. The Company is responsible for all errors, wrong dates and/or other definitions provided by the Company upon the creation of an advertisement.


3.1. There is only one access for the Company:

3.1.1. It is a General user

who has access to all the Company service options offered through HHR. They are as follows:


4.1. The Company is allowed to create an unlimited number of brands in the sense of this Article. Brands are persons conducting business that work in conjunction with the Company as a “mother company”, such as subsidiaries, affiliated companies or business entities within the Company. For each brand, various information must be provided such as a name, address, postcode and town/city, phone number, website etc. An image of each brand’s trademark must be uploaded with good resolution. The Company that registers the brands is responsible for the lawfulness of use and the validity of the information provided regarding the relevant parties and regarding the brand’s trademark.


5.1. When a User applies for a job offered by the Company with his/her Profile, the Company can receive various information regarding the Applicant such as his/her name, profile picture, email address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, “about” text, qualifications, work experience, links, language competency, attached documents and other skills specified by the Applicant along with documents which he/she has attached to his/her Profile. The Company can also request further information in the application process.

5.2. Applications are accessible in HHR to Companies who receive them for 1 year after the Applicant has sent them the application unless the Applicant closes his/her HHR Profile prior to that or withdraws his/her application from the specific Company. If the Applicant closes his/her Profile, it is equivalent to withdrawing the application and the information about the Applicant is removed from HHR.

5.3. The Company and the Applicant can communicate with each other in the application processing system of HHR. There, it is possible to send messages and the Company can offer the Applicant an interview and/or reject his/her applications. The Company is responsible for all communications that may take place between the Company and the Applicant, regardless of the used method of communication and whether they communicate through HHR or not.

5.4. Solely the Company is responsible for the content of its employment contracts and for ensuring that the hiring of an employee takes place in compliance with all legal regulations, especially in compliance with applicable labor laws, laws on equality or laws regarding employment of children and juveniles.


6.1. The Company shall pay HHR for the services provided by HHR a price in the amount specified in the price list.

6.2. All prices indicated in any HHR offer or price list are always without value added tax (VAT), unless it is explicitly stated otherwise next to a specific price.

6.3. HHR may change the price at any time for convenience, subject to notifying the Company in advance. The change to the price shall be notified in a manner and term similarly to the change of the Terms.

6.4. Before the Company publishes the job advertisement, the Company has to complete the payment.  The price for the services the HHR has provided to the Company according to the price list and without VAT in accordance with applicable legal regulations. HHR will charge the Company by kredit- or debit card, before the company publish the adverties. All Companies have to pay before the ad will be published with a credit card. HHR will not keep information about the Credit Card in his database. HHR ehf use Rapyd as an payment gateaway.


7.1. HHR is the Company’s data processor in relation only to the information provided in the Company’s Profile about its employee whose personal information has been added to HHR.

7.2. If the User decides to apply for a job with the Company, the Company becomes an independent data controller of the User’s personal data contained within the application and Profile. HHR is not responsible for how the Company will process the Applicant’s personal data nor for fulfilling any data controller obligations of the Company toward the Applicant.

7.3. The rights and obligations of HHR and the Company in relation to the processing of personal data are governed by the Privacy Policy and Data Processing Terms.

7.4. The Company is prohibited to copy information about Applicants from HHR system into other systems and to use it for any other purposes than as part of the application process of the job for which the Applicant applied. The Company shall treat information about the Applicant with the utmost security and confidentiality and comply with Act no. 90/2018, on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended, and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.


8.1. HHR is the maker of the Database and shall preserve all rights of the maker of the database in accordance with section 89 et seq. of the Copyright Act.

8.2. The Company is obliged to provide HHR only with true, correct and complete information and register exclusively under its own business name, subject to Article 4 hereof.

8.3. The Company undertakes to communicate with Users and HHR and overall use HHR in a decent manner and in accordance with good morals. It is prohibited to spread hate speech, illegal or inappropriate content through HHR. In case of doubt, HHR at its sole discretion can decide whether any content is hateful, illegal or inappropriate and take appropriate action.

8.4. The Company is not allowed to:

8.5. The Company is required to notify HHR of any safety deficiencies in HHR that the Company has learned during the use of HHR.

8.6. The Company, in order to prevent any breach into its Profile in HHR, is also required to:

8.7. In the event of a defect of HHR, the Company can contact HHR via the contact section on HHR’ website. HHR or its authorized worker decides on the complaint without undue delay. The Company has been acknowledged and agrees that HHR might take reasonable time depending on the type of service required to expertly assess the defect.

8.8. The Company hereby requests and authorizes HHR to seek, extract and re-utilize all information related to the job offers of the Company placed in other databases, including any on-line databases, and place it into HHR.


9.1. Confidential information of a party is any material, non-public, software or business or manufacturing-related information of that party, that is disclosed or made available to the other party, directly or indirectly, through any means of communication or observation in connection with the services provided hereunder. Confidential information also includes personal data processed hereunder.

9.2. For the purpose of this Article, the party providing its confidential information to the other party is referred to as the “providing party” and the party receiving the providing party’s confidential information is referred to as the “receiving party”.

9.3. The receiving party undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information pertaining to the providing party and of security measures whose disclosure to an unauthorized person could endanger the security and confidential information of the providing party. Compliance with the obligation of confidentiality means non-publishing and non-disclosure of the providing party’s confidential information to any third party and using the providing party’s confidential information solely for purposes necessary for the cooperation of the parties concerning services provided hereunder.

9.4. Breach of confidentiality obligation shall not consist of the disclosure or usage of the disclosing party’s confidential information (i) with a prior written consent of the disclosing party; (ii) due to an obligation stipulated by a legal regulation or imposed by a public authority; (iii) if the receiving party had known the confidential information from other sources than from the disclosing party and it has not been acquired by a breach of confidentiality; (iv) to a consultant, auditor, legal representative or another partner of the receiving party provided that this person is bound to maintain contractual or legal confidentiality of the confidential information at least as stringent as stipulated in this Article; or (v) if necessary for the cooperation between the parties.

9.5. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms, the receiving party may disclose or use confidential information of the providing party only within the minimum necessary scope. In the event of exception under point (ii) of Clause 9.4. hereof and subject to Clause 12.4. hereof, the receiving party is also obliged to inform the disclosing party of such disclosure or usage without undue delay, unless in contradiction to the law.


10.1. In HHR, information about the Applicant comes from the Applicant himself/herself and HHR is in no way responsible for the validity, completeness or lawfulness of information about the Applicant. HHR is also in no way responsible for the lawfulness, completeness or validity of other data that the Company receives from the Applicant or the communications between the Company and the Applicant.

10.2. HHR is not responsible for infringement of rights of makers of other databases for using other databases in accordance with the Company’s instruction under Clause 8.8.

10.3. HHR is not responsible for the application process or the results that the Company may get from using HHR. The application process is entirely at the responsibility of the Company and all inquiries regarding the process will be directed to the Company. HHR is not responsible for out-of-pocket expenses or any other loss which the Company may suffer if the Applicant decides to walk away from employment, an interview or a job offer.

10.4. HHR is not responsible for ensuring that announcements from HHR are without faults, that they are given in a timely fashion or that the Company receives them at all, however, HHR will endeavor to achieve successful delivery of all announcements within the time required.

10.5. HHR is not responsible for the content of job advertisements from Companies and for their lawfulness. HHR is not responsible for errors, wrong dates and/or other definitions registered by the Company upon the creation of an advertisement.

10.6. HHR is not responsible for the content of employment contracts or for ensuring that the hiring of an employee takes place in a lawful manner, e.g. in accordance with labor laws, laws on equality or the provisions of laws regarding employment of children and juveniles.

10.7. HHR is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage that may occur due to malfunctions or flaws in HHR, such as mechanical failure, technical failures, failures in software, system upgrades, flaws in operating systems, networks or telecommunications systems or due to HHR being interrupted because of electrical power failures or interruptions or interference with telecommunications services.

10.8. The Company provides information to HHR, e.g. information about the Company itself and about available jobs, at the Company’s own responsibility. HHR is not responsible for damage that may occur due to a third-party acquiring information about the Company in HHR by unlawful access, especially by means of hacking. Furthermore, HHR is not responsible for the way in which the Applicant treats information or data that the Company provides to the Applicant during the application process.

10.9. The Company will provide its payment card information to a payment gateway provider in order to pay for the HHR services and the payment gateway provider will provide HHR with a unique identifier of the payment card information (called also “token”). The token can be also obtained from the direct payment provider of the Company based on which HHR will charge the Company for using HHR. HHR does not have access to the Company’s payment card information or bank account information and is not responsible for any data breach or leakage of the Company’s payment card or bank account information.

10.10. HHR is not responsible for force majeure events that may result in HHR services being unavailable, for instance due to government decisions, natural disasters, strikes (including planned strikes) or lock-outs, revolts, riots, sabotage, terrorism or wars or any other similar events that cannot be prevented or controlled through normal actions on the part of HHR.

10.11. At the time of failure or downtime of HHR, it might be temporarily unavailable to the Company without right to any compensation.

10.12. The Company is aware of and accepts the limitations of liability as specified in this Article.



11.1. All content of the HHR and HHR website, such as design, texts, graphics, visual images, photographs, information, the HHR’ trademarks, icons, computer programs, source codes, Databases and other intellectual property belongs exclusively to HHR and/or its partners and subsidiaries and is protected by copyright and intellectual property protection laws. Unauthorized use, including copying, reproduction and/or distribution of this content, whether in part or in whole, may be against the law and prohibited without the permission of HHR. By accepting these Terms and using HHR, HHR does not provide any license to the User or the Company to use the intellectual property in any way, except in the minimum scope necessary in order to apply for jobs or offer jobs through HHR and manage the User’s or Company’s own job applications.


12.1. If the Company is found to be in material breach of the Terms and/or misuses HHR in any way, HHR reserves the right to immediately block the Company’s access to HHR without notice and to put a ban on the Company’s Profile temporarily or indefinitely and/or delete the Company’s Profile. The same applies if the Company behaves in an unlawful or improper manner.

12.2. A material breach of the Terms is in particular if the Company:

12.3. HHR has the right to remove without warning all hate speech, illegal and inappropriate content from HHR.

12.4. Should a suspicion arise that the Company is acting in an unlawful manner, HHR reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities. This does not constitute a breach of confidentiality under Article 9 hereof and does not require any notification to the Company.


13.1. HHR is entitled to make changes to the Terms, especially with regard to changes of legislation in the area of personal data protection or labor law, technological advance, scope of HHR services or changes in the prices of its suppliers, amongst others in the scope of required Profile data, pricing and payment conditions for the services provided hereunder, licensing and/or intellectual property rights, job application process or the scope of provided services hereunder. HHR will announce a change of the Terms to the Company via its e-mail address and/or by a notification in the HHR and by making the new Terms available on the HHR’ website. Shall the Company not reject the change of Terms within 15 days following receiving the announcement by e-mail or through HHR, whichever reaches the Company first, the Company accepts the changed Terms. Shall the Company reject the changed Terms within the foregoing period, the rejection constitutes a termination of the HHR services with a 15 days termination period, during which the latest mutually agreed Terms shall apply.


14.1. The Company has the right to terminate the provision of the HHR services by a written notice for convenience with a 15 calendar days’ notice period commencing from the date of delivery of the notice to the HHR’ on its address specified in the contact section on HHR’ website.

14.2. HHR has a right to terminate the provision of the HHR services for convenience with a 15 calendar days’ notice period commencing from the date when the Company received the notice of termination.

14.3. In the event of termination of the provision of HHR services, for whatever reason, the Company is obliged to pay HHR for all services provided by HHR prior to the termination date.

14.4. Upon termination of the HHR services, the Company’s access to HHR will be blocked and the Company’s Profile and all its advertisements will stop being visible to Users in HHR.

14.5. Clauses intended to be in effect even after termination of the HHR services and this agreement survive the termination of the HHR services and this agreement. Especially Clauses 1, 2.3., 5.4., 8.1., 8.3., 8.4., 9, 10, 14.5., 16, 17 and 18 survive the termination of the HHR services and this agreement. The obligation of confidentiality in relation to confidential information provided and received prior to the termination of the HHR services and this agreement lasts: (i) in case that the confidential information constitutes a trade secret until the confidential information ceases to be a trade secret under applicable legal regulations; (ii) in case of other confidential information for the duration of 3 years following the termination of the HHR services and the agreement.


15.1. HHR may transfer ownership of the HHR in part or as a whole to a third party, along with the information which HHR contains, without the agreement of the Company. The same applies to any form of legal transfer of ownership of HHR. Transfer of ownership or any other legal transfer with regard to HHR, in part or as a whole, has no effect on the Terms or the agreement with the Company with regard to its validity and effectiveness. If the legal transfer of ownership of HHR occurs, any reference to HHR in the Terms shall be regarded as a reference to the new owner of HHR.


16.1. All rights and obligations arising out of the use or in connection with HHR or the Terms are governed by Icelandic Law.

16.2. All disputes resulting from or in connection with the Terms and/or use of HHR shall be finally decided by the courts of Iceland at the general court determined by the registered seat of HHR.


17.1. The Terms have been drawn up in English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and German. All obligations of HHR towards the Company related to the Terms and/or usage of HHR shall be fulfilled in the English, Spanish, Danish, Norwgian and German language, at HHR sole discretion. In case of discrepancy between the language versions, the English version shall prevail.


18.1. All communication between the parties shall be made in Icelandic, English, Spanish, Danish, Norwgian or German, in particular electronically, via the HHR, e-mail or contacts available on the HHR’ website contact section or disclosed by the Company on its Profile.

18.2. Shall any provision hereunder or any provision of law require an action to have written form, such form is withheld if the action is made by HHR to the Company’s e-mail address with a simple electronic signature or through the HHR.


19.1. The Terms are issued by HHR and will remain effective from 1. 8. 2020.